A June Wedding at Hunting Creek Vineyards.


June weddings.  Why are so many weddings held in June?  We recall reading someplace that the tradition dates from Roman times, when June 1 was dedicated to the Juno and Jupiter, Jupiter being the goddess of marriage and childbirth.  Also back then there was probably pent-up demand, because May is the month the Romans performed rites of exorcism to rid their homes of malevolent ghosts.

As noted in the all-knowing Wikipedia, “Because of this annual exorcism of the noxious spirits of the dead, the whole month of May was rendered unlucky for marriages, whence the proverb Mense Maio malae nubent (“They wed ill who wed in May”).

But June it is, and last weekend we had the pleasure of attending a wedding at the winery of our neighbor and good friends at Hunting Creek Vineyards in Halifax County, Virginia.  For others a destination wedding, but for us just a trip down the road.  Beautifully arranged, perfectly catered and attended to, we had a great time.


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